Human Aspects: Introducing a range of established and emerging theories, conceptual frameworks and methods of the human aspects of HCI; Knowledge representation and organisation, mentalmodels, the utility of mental models in HCI, verbal metaphors, virtual
interface metaphors, classification of interface metaphors for applications, conceptual models.
Technology Aspects: Introducing a range of input and output devices and interaction styles, and discussing some higher level system design issues;
Design Practice: Discussing the most popular design and evaluation methods and design support tools that are available to make HCI design user-centred, including principles and methods for user-centred design,requirement gathering, task analysis and structured HCI design.
Screen Design: An advanced topic that covers a theoretical model to support screen design.
Hypertext, Multimedia and the World Wide Web: Covering major research issues in multimedia and the Web.
GUI programming: Introduction to GUI, Java review exercises, GUI Components-Swing, Event processing, Mouse Events, Keyboard Events, Window Events.